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On Destruction

Well, this is a bit depressing for a first entry, but, this is just a bit of an excerpt from an IM conversation I was having about the mall shooting earlier this week. Before thinking things like "Ohmygod, but the moron wanted to be famous because of this", read the entry. Trust me, I'm not doing this kid any favors.

******** (10:30:14 pm): (You'd think media would learn from past incidents and not give them the 'immortality' they expect, or are even looking for with their actions..)
SylvanDragoon (10:30:25 pm): I feel kind of bad about saying "just another shooter", until I realize that that is really *all* it is
SylvanDragoon (10:30:29 pm): This is *not* new!
******** (10:31:06 pm): But they're 'worried it will inspire copycats'.
SylvanDragoon (10:31:37 pm): Why in the world would these morons think that their feeble actions can actually have any sort of significant impact on human history
SylvanDragoon (10:32:22 pm): I mean......it's eight people.
******** (10:32:30 pm): At a mall.
SylvanDragoon (10:32:37 pm): Now, to all of the people who were close to those eight, the impact is irreversible
SylvanDragoon (10:32:54 pm): But, to society at large?
SylvanDragoon (10:33:07 pm): We feel regret, maybe anger, pity, sadness, etc., and then we move on
SylvanDragoon (10:33:32 pm): It's not that we don't wish that we could remember them forever.....it's that we *can't*
SylvanDragoon (10:33:49 pm): Life is much too large to lay down and give up, regardless of the tragedies in the world around us
SylvanDragoon (10:34:11 pm): So........
SylvanDragoon (10:35:07 pm): It just becomes another link in this string of senseless violence that has gone on long before history began to be recorded, and will probably go on long after we're both dust.
SylvanDragoon (10:35:45 pm): It may infuriate me, but it doesn't affect me to any greater degree than the guy in fencing class who called me "brilliant"
SylvanDragoon (10:35:51 pm): In the end, both of these feelings will fade
SylvanDragoon (10:36:19 pm): So, what confuses the fuck out of me, is I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what made that dumb bastard feel that this would make him "special"
SylvanDragoon (10:37:43 pm): It's been done so many times before, and as human beings our minds are designed to not just forget about this, but to almost actively shut it away, because we simply cannot afford to worry about the possibility that some random jerkoff will decide to shoot us today
SylvanDragoon (10:38:00 pm): Rah!
SylvanDragoon (10:39:36 pm): I just wonder how long it will take people to realize that destruction never brings immortality
SylvanDragoon (10:40:25 pm): You know, if no one ever told you that the Coliseum was built so that slaves could fight to the death in it, you'd never know
SylvanDragoon (10:40:31 pm): But, you'd still think it was beautiful
SylvanDragoon (10:40:52 pm): You can look at it, and see the age in it, the history. You can feel the weight of over a thousand years in the stones
SylvanDragoon (10:41:31 pm): Very, very few history classes study the barbarians who destroyed Rome
SylvanDragoon (10:41:40 pm): Mostly because they don't leave anything *behind*
SylvanDragoon (10:42:07 pm): No matter how great your deed is, in the sense that a deed can be both great and terrible, if all it consists of is destruction, who will ever know?
SylvanDragoon (10:42:46 pm): If the entire human race were wiped out right here, right now, no one would ever know about the Holocaust
SylvanDragoon (10:43:02 pm): But you could still find the ruins of cities all across the world for thousands of years to come
SylvanDragoon (10:43:26 pm): Why doesn't the average person realize this?
SylvanDragoon (10:43:31 pm): I just.....don't get it.
******** (10:44:53 pm): *smiles a little* Average folk don't look much into histories, or think about those sorts of facts.
******** (10:45:22 pm): It's crazy.
SylvanDragoon (10:46:35 pm): I know.....but, even smart people don't realize that sometimes.
SylvanDragoon (10:46:42 pm): And it seems like such an obvious fact.
******** (10:46:49 pm): *nods*
******** (10:51:18 pm): *curls up* They still believe that violence and examples of power by destroying or killing something is the best way to get a point across, to get a message sent. And it's very mind boggling, what with reducing the number of folk to listen to you, and the whole...it just inflames people into more destruction, which leads to nothing.
SylvanDragoon (10:52:02 pm): *nods* And, it's part of the same story as the guy in fencing class who was trying to brawl
SylvanDragoon (10:52:09 pm): Just because you tell him he's wrong........
SylvanDragoon (10:52:25 pm): And then, when you don't keep the blood feud going, he thinks he's won!
******** (10:52:35 pm): And is in the right!

So....in closing........Rah!



Dec. 8th, 2007 09:41 am (UTC)
Hehe, I hadn't read the newest one when you posted it, so, I thought you were referring to the whole switching classes bit. Then I read the new one, and I was like "She punched a fucking crater out of what?!" and I finally got your comment =P



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