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First table of the day was given to me. I think they were a couple... maybe having lunch before work, or co-workers on a lunch break or something. But probably a couple. Guy left a 20% tip at first, then changed it to 25% when I offered him a drink to go (he was a thirsty guy)

Three guys, pretty chill. Looked like workers. Maybe family. Maybe working on a project at the house. Should've asked. I didn't ever get time to change the TV to a football game for them, but they didn't really care, I just made the offer because we were so slow when they first got here. Got triple sat right after I gave them their drinks though =( Nice guys, 20%

A bunch of friends moving. Collectively around 20%, a couple of the guys had beers, which the girl scolded them for. They just had one though, I'm sure they were fine =P 

And some parents visiting their college daughter. The wife was german. The parents both took my food suggestions, both enjoyed them very much. A chicken stuffed avocado and some spinach quesadillas. 20% here too =).

More to be edited in after tonights shift.


Fuck it. I wanna complain, I wanna be falsely cheery, I want to put on airs and write and think and be whatever, but I am just too tired right now. This emotional jumble in my head is not sorting itself out.

Do my complaints drive people away? Are they unnecessary? When am I right? Does it matter? Who cares, and if no one else does, why do I? These are all questions I have no answers to.

I notice things that seem to be fucked up, so I point them out. Maybe I do get pissed off about them sometimes.... but usually only after someone admits to me that it is a problem, but then won't do or say a goddamn thing about it.

Yes I'll do something. Yes, you heard me talking about it. I didn't ignore it, or brush it off, or pretend harm wasn't being done. If I wrong you, I will apologize and ask what I can do to make things right. If something is wrong, I will talk openly about fixing it.

The world is a pretty groovy place, but it is also torn very badly in some ways. Yes, yes, trying to describe exactly how it is torn is like trying to catch the rain with your hands. You get a bit here or there, sometimes a torrent, but it all rolls off of you at some point, until it comes again.

What is the problem with talking about what to do with the world, as long as we all know that one person, one idea, one ego, whatever, isn't going to fix it because it is just a drop in the whole scheme of things? I don't consider myself to be an arrogant man, but I do have something to contribute.

I used to let something get to me all damn day. At my first job, as a waiter, I would get pissed at one customer and stay angry all night long. It probably hurt people in ways I never knew of. Most of them probably got over it, but who knows how many were like me, and let it fester?

Now it is strikes and gutters, ups and down. I drift throughout the day through different moods. I'm trying to tune in to little things, that swing me one way or the other. Ignoring, or purposely forgetting the things that swing me towards pissy, and reminding myself of the other things.

Helps me think of Aly more often, if nothing else :D

I'm not much of one for plans... But I'm working on it.

Let's just try to not get fired in the meantime, eh?
Greg and I were discussing the good ol' flaming poop on someones doorstep prank after seeing it on yet another TV show (King of the Hill).

He mentioned it would be a hilarious counter to grab a shovel, scoop it up and try to find them so you could fling it at them. Could they press charges? I do not know. Either way, hilarity.

I want to know where my shovel is at all times now, for the rest of my life. I know this is obsessive. I do not care. I know where my shovel is.

Do something every day...

So, today is a D&D story tree.

The actual story I have envisioned is laid out at the veeeeeery very bottom, for no apparent reason. Mostly doing this as an exercise for how to create such a thing in the future. Maybe my questions and thoughts will be helpful.

Investigating the city of Aushantyr.

The party is investigating a border village in the human kingdom of Faihn. The investigation may have been requested of them by the Dragonborn Empire, as it requires investigating a node as well. This node is not listed, no information is given. Historical requests yield further knowledge.

Split 1. Does the party know of the node? If human aligned, but not Dragonborn aligned, no. If a wanderer requested for assistance because of nodal experience, no. If a historian, talented arcanist or devoted study of religion, yes. With access to human records, yes. High dungeroneering or nature, partial yes. Most are a partial yes, really....

Party meets in the capitol. Prior to introducing the party to each other, each has been met in private and requests have been made by various officials.

Party is in general co-operative. - King meets them in full splendor, a feast is promised where they can be introduced properly. Feast may be declined, it is not insisted upon, but merely offered. Party is offered their fill of whatever mundane provisions they could ask for. Special requests will be considered... but traveling gear is understood.

Party is half and half, or some variation thereof. (exception is mostly hostile) - King is varying degrees of enthusiastic, becoming more dismissive of their success and relatively unconcerned with the fate or opinion/questions of those who were hostile/unco-operative in their interview.

Party is mostly hostile - They are all sent letters inviting them to dine, at the expense of the king, in the Crown and Stag Inn, in a private room that they might better acquaint themselves and discuss their plans for "investigating the village". They are free to leave. If they do so, this arc ends. Continue later, based on character backgrounds/histories. Each will be given private motivations, and may band together to survive at the expense of everyone else, or not.

No real splits yet. Except for the ones that matter to the people, I hope.

If the party decides to leave for the village, then.....

2a)If they go by the roads, they run into the road encounters. Plot is foreshadowed, chances are offered to wander from the beaten path.

2b)if they go by the woods, check after they are well underway and chances have been given - is the party well equipped? Do they have anyone trained in nature, perception, acrobatics or athletics? If not, it may be hard for them to orient themselves. They will be wandering well off the beaten path.

2c) They take a ship to a closer city down the river, then walk. Check 2a and 2b tables, but shorten travel time. Sea travel is uneventful, save a few minor storms. Characters may interact with crew. This route takes the longest.

Story assumes party arrives at the town. Other events may occur as a result of split 2, but we shall assume, for this exercise.

Check time. They did request formal aid. You were not told when. Just saying. May or may not be a factor. Partially also depends upon DM fiat.... which is more fun.

Party arrives very fast. Aid was requested weeks ago, but you left the capitol how long ago? Well, thanks for making haste! Discuss problems.

Party arrives in a reasonable amount of time. Annoyed, but maybe hopeful reaction. Depends on party.

Party arrives late. All but outright accused of drunken lechery or lawlessness along the way, being a waste of time. We could do better.

Party arrives outrageously late.... depends on how late ;)

Earliest possible village. Tensions are moderate, but haste is stressed. These are a superstitious lot. Or just scared of something out of the ordinary. Preparations discussed.

If party chooses to stay overlong, village status and party reception depend upon parties actions.

If the party arrived at a later time, the villages will be discussing leaving. They are all immigrants, and new the risks of settling an unclaimed place. They'd rather just pick up and leave again, mostly.  Party learns what they can. Once again, village status and party reception dependent on players.

Later times will remain secrets in my head, to be improvised mostly and maybe revealed at a later time. Village is having problems though.

Assuming story continues, we leave the village.

Checks - Village status, party reception, party knowledge, secret forces alerted. Who knows! What did the players do, anyways? All or none may factor, but probably will to some extent.

Village status - is the village capable of rendering future aid? Would they? What news have they spread of the party?

Party reception - You were asked to perform a task. How did you fare? How does this effect your reputation? How does it affect you? Will you get paid? We will see.

Party knowledge - What is the MacGuffin? Is there one? Where is it? Who made it? Why? When? How? What the hell are we getting into? Anything? Something else? Another story? Who knows.

Secret forces alerted. - Has the party done something to piss someone off. Violence usually does that. It is a cycle of hatred, broken only when you visit a level of violence so atrocious that the person capable of feeling even the slightest insult from what you've done in the distant future will not fuck with you unless they are insanely confident that they will win. On the other hand, have they impressed someone? Who is aware of their existence that wasn't before, and how will they spread the word? Who would it reach? Who would care? Who would believe?

The party has left the village, whatever the consequences, if they ever arrived. They are in a dense wood, surrounded by ruffians. Vast encounter/skill check time!

If they fight, someone is searching for something here. Enemies are aware of them, but not all are hunting them. They are not the MacGuffin. Damn, one down.

If they hide, the same knowledge is gained. Do they trail, or do they pursue their own leads?

If they flee or avoid, no knowledge is gained. They pursue their own leads, or destiny.

Searching the woods. Are the PCs skilled in any relevant skills? Do they know what they are looking for?  Do they find/have they stirred enemies? What are the properties of the wood?

Story elements as is are as follows.... The node is an abandoned Elven City, imprisoning a Shadow Dragon. Finding the villages leads to finding out about humanoids (kobolds) who are trying to free this Dragon. Dragons are sacred arbiters of the Game of the Gods... this one tried to bend the rules in his own favor. Finding the villages leads to discovering that the kobolds are looking for something. Varying stages of lateness will affect the villages very existence. Further searching in the woods will lead to the discovery of a tunnel that leads into a sealed escape tunnel from the city. If the tunnel is not taken, it will eventually become semi- inaccessible due to kobold infestation. The escape tunnel is also the tomb of an elven general who died in sealing it. Knowledge of how may be gained, but is not given. 

The woods and roads en route to the city from the capitol will have increasing signs of disturbance, but no chance of kobolds up till the very end. Perhaps multiple lizards, or some bandits, maybe something truly bizarre that could be interacted with or fought. There is trouble in the area. Some things are just drawn to that. It is the eternal struggle. No conflict is necessary.

The village may be helped, in various ways. These relate to both the nature of the Elven City/node and their current troubles.

Nodal disturbances - The elven city is a sunken trap of magic. Spells constantly rebound, and may echo, found, and spring anew again within for decades. No knowledge of this is given to the players.... at the start of the adventure. Partial information is available all along the way, through investigation and insight. Full disclosure may be gained through interrogation of anything inside the city itself, in the jaws of the beast, or in the tomb/tunnel entrance. Magic is chaotic and semi-unreliable inside, but any arcane user may have an opportunity to peer into the very fabric of magic itself within!

The land around the village is sometimes affected by random surges of chaotic magic. Most is usually harmless, some beautiful, fewer still deadly. The curses of a traitorous dragon rebound off the walls of the city, but mostly make it out to become sparkly butterflies. Time is delayed, so some may take decades, or even eons. Perhaps as time itself fades, the last curses of this very dragon will all echo together in a final crescendo and destroy the very universe itself. Not likely, but who knows.

The kobolds are using the city (somewhat reluctantly) as a temporary base of operations. Thus, the party may encounter kobolds, magic surges, magically disturbed creatures (being created in the city by.... something yet to be revealed), villagers leaving, disturbed arcanists, demented fanatics, natural wardens, or other such things. They may also find evidence of any such disturbances, or nothing at all.

Part two to come.... investigating the city with what we know now, the consequences thereof, and how will our adventurers fare? A full writeup will come sometime... when people actually play it ;)
It is not often these days that I stop to record my thoughts... I think I've grown much more fatalistic over the past couple of years, but I am trying to grow out of the funk. I need something to work on, but the Muse seems to have vacated the building for the time being.

Oooooh, words, why do you fail me so often? I have nothing but respect for you.

I am, in many ways, little more than an amalgamation of many different people I have met, and many different thoughts I have shared. Nothing I have added to this world came solely from me.

Why is this position viewed as one of weakness or arrogance?

I present ideas because they seem to be good ideas, not because they are my ideas. I do not care about prestige. I do not care if you know the idea came from me, or if you just listen to it, but don't make a commitment. I don't even care about being right! I present ideas because they seem like good ones, to me... if someone can show me something I hadn't considered, I will listen to them patiently. I try my best to not interrupt.

Because I do not shout, or browbeat, or get angry, I come across as weak. Because I patiently explain my views, I come across as arrogant.

I wish there was something I could do to make people realize that I have an immense respect for them. I do not argue because I disrespect your opinions.... I argue because, if you are correct, I would like to know. And if you aren't... wouldn't you?

An argument is an exchange of ideas. It is no reason to be angry... I expect people to have put some thought into their positions, and I have tried to put thought into anything I espouse.

Maybe it is that many people believe I am trying to change absolute values or telling them they are doing it wrong. Wouldn't it be sort of absurd of me to try to tell someone else what to believe, when I think of myself as a mish-mash of random bullshit and DNA?

Sure, I have beliefs... Some are more scientifically valid than others, but in the end it is all bullshit. Everywhere I go, every job I work, everyone I talk to, something is different yet I remain, essentially, the same. That is not to say that I do not change as well, but I take what I will and discard what I have no use for.

I give and create, too! Just like you. We each are our own thing, and situation to situation, year by year it slowly changes. If an idea intrigues you... why not explore it? If change is sudden, rather than gradual, why fight it?

Even if something that I say just plain pisses you off... why fight it? If you have trouble letting something go, it is obviously important to you, I guess it just seems to me that it would be important enough to defend. And if you cannot defend it.... is it truly so important that you cannot afford to lose it? I let it all roll off me, just like the water. Obviously I think this is a good thing, otherwise why do it? I let the stress flow out of me, so I can do what I need to.

Even if I have a conversation with someone, and they just will not listen... at least I did. My view is still as valid, still as much my own for their disbelieving it. Not everyone has something of note to say on every subject.... but any given person might have EVERYTHING to say... to you, right now, right here. We met by accident, but you are as much a person as I. Before I hear you... why would I dismiss you? I defend my positions because if there is a valid reason I should no longer agree with them, I welcome the chance to hear it.

Maybe because I am so opinionated people don't stop to offer me their views. They believe it will be pointless, and I will believe what I will anyways. Well, if you have nothing new to add that I have not considered before... then yes. Is this such a bad thing? I ask for your thoughts out of respect, out of the fear that I might be wrong. If I do not believe I am wrong after you have said your piece, it does not reflect negatively on you. It is not a failure. We simply have differing opinions. It is unlikely in this day and age that we will come to blows over it... and I do not believe that any of my ideas actively justify the persecution of any living being. See my very first blog entry, on destruction. I do not write much here, but I do talk to many different strangers on a day to day basis. I try to show that the world is a place of creation and recycling. Destruction will never give respect or immortality. Energy is never wasted, merely recycled. All dreams must end, and yet they still must be enjoyed for what they are.

I hold only the simplest of principles to be personally true. If your opinion does not change mine, it is not a failure on your behalf. If mine does not change yours, it is not a failure on mine. Even if the other person just doesn't get it... I planted a seed. I tried to make a connection. They did as well. The words of strangers can come echoing back.

*sigh* None of this gets to the root of my problem. How do I convey myself as being positive and creative in these discussions? If your answer is "don't be a jackass", please keep it to yourself. That sort of thing is not constructive. I am how I conduct myself. Even if you think I am a jackass at this point in time, who knows. It is not my desire to be anything other than a positive element in any equation I find myself in. Everywhere I go, I leave something behind. Why the fuck shouldn't it be a good thing? My body is even an amalgamation of different parts of this world, this universe. In the words of Carl Sagan, before he contradicted his earlier messages of hope, that is, we are all made of star stuff. Just a way for the cosmos to have a look at itself and say "how badass". I care enough about this place to want to make it cooler for my own sake, as well as the sake of all the rest.

How to do that is not something that any philosopher or person has ever answered, and maybe it is arrogant of me to hope to do so, at least with my own life. But it is my intent, my dream, my passion. That is all. It is selfish, and as small as I am.

Discussions about this are welcome here, at any point in the future as well. Doesn't matter if I haven't posted in two years and don't know you, feel free.
So, yesterday was my birthday, right?


Yeah, that's pretty much all the updating I am going to do after a month or so of nuthin'.

Yay, work........right?

I'm starting a job again....I should almost say my job at this point. I've been a waiter at this same restaurant for what, four different periods of time now? It boggles my mind, because I keep on moving away or starting school, or doing something different, so I have to quit for whatever reason, and they always take me back. But, despite the fact that these same people are always eager to hire me back, and I do a good job, no one else will ever hire me, regardless of how many places I apply to before I reapply to them.

You would think that I'd be a good employ if the same people would never refuse to let me come back, right?


I've just had way too much to do recently and way too little computer time to update this with. I'm much more tired than I look or act, and it really surprised my parents when I told them that I went to bed at about 7 P.M. one day last week.

School starts again on the 14th, and I don't really know if I'm nervous or excited about this. On the one hand, yay for an ethics class and a topical history class about the actual pirates of the Caribbean, but boo for the ethics class starting at eight in the morning. I have never, ever shown up to a class that early for more than a third of the time (though I still usually make decent grades in such classes), but I am trying to turn that around this semester. I'll be trying to go to bed around 10-11 P.M. ever day and wake up at 6-7 A.M.......yeaaaah.......that'll happen. But, I can give it a shot, and hope for the best.

Off to dinner for now.....I'll try not to neglect you again, fledgling livejournal!

Blah, been busy-ish.

Okay, so, we've got about a week of catching up to do, eh? Don't worry, I won't bore you with every little detail. (Except that I will)

First off, last Friday/Saturday I had no interwebs, because I was at Amtgard! For a moment, I'm going to pretend that someone beisdes the lovely Lenarie actually reads this, and explain that Amtgard is a psuedo re-enactment society thing that I do. Basically, we dress up funny and hit people with foam sticks. Oh, and occasionally we have camping trips over the weekend. Trust me, it's more gun than it sounds. More on this particular subject coming soon. It was fun, because I did really well on the quest, feast was extremely well prepared, I got to watch two people who I really disliked puking in the bushes because they drank too much, and I wasn't cold at all despite being in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter because two ladies let me tentwarm for them. (which only includes tentwarming, nothing else, so no bow chicka wow wow music please. Besides, they were sisters. No, not that kind of sisters. And the tent was way too small for any sort of "fancy maneuvering" with even one other person, let alone two. So, mind out of the gutter please.)

Lessee here........ that Sunday a friend from my Renaissance History class called me and asked if I'd like to help her mother move/pack some stuff for like a hundred and forty bucks....and I said "Uhhhhh......yeah?", so I did so, and saw I Am Legend with them afterwards. It was good....not spectacular, but definitely well worth seeing, even if you're not into the whole survivor horror genre.

I have no idea what I did that Monday, so let's assume it involved alcohol, we're probably right.

So, a friend of mine had asked me to paint a few wooden plaques that were shaped like shields for his nieces and nephews. The pictures he wanted were a unicorn, a fairy, a dragon, and a helmet. (which currently does not want to be found)

I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday alternating between slacking off and drawing these (the helmet was an utter bitch, you'll see why when I can find a decent picture of it.), and then a lot of Friday and half the day Saturday working on getting them painted. Between grabbing the supplies, working out the proportions, and doing all the detail work it really did take me about that long, and we had them ready just in the nick of time to give to his nieces/nephews. (They were literally already exchanging gifts when I showed up with them, and the fairy was still drying)

The problem with all of this was.....he only paid me forty bucks to do the whole thing. Which.....I told him I'd rather he undercharged me than he overcharge me. So, I'm not too upset at it. But I was still thinking somewhere around seventy-eighty bucks. They took me a good twenty+ hours to do, and the helmet really, really was bitchy. Still, I'm the one who let him set the price, and his parents were helping him foot the bill. I think what ended up happening was that he wanted something a bit too elaborate, and his parents didn't want to wind up paying that much money, but I was willing to help the guy anyways since I've known him since he was five, and the kids really did love the plaques.

Sunday was a D&D game again, after I spent some time with the family. I still just feel.....kind of blah about that game. The DM pulled some more annoying stuff this time. Well, I suppose I should explain....

I'm playing a druid, who happens to pretty much mostly just be an archer right now. He's not really a "Woooo, combat!" character. The DM let us pick up to two flaws and traits, and he's frail, easygoing, honest, and a noncombatant. So, uh, what does that tell you? Heh heh heh..... Anyways, we're in this dungeon, going down some stairs, and our cleric runs into this.....goblinoid aberration thing at the foot of the stairs and starts to fight with it. So, when it's my turn, I ask him if I have a clear shot to it, and he says yes, then after I roll he says "well, it has cover". So, I've already rolled the d20, and he says that I miss, because of the cover. So I say "Okay, what's the miss chance?", and he says that it isn't a miss chance, it's a +4 to it's AC since the dwarf is in the way. But, my roll was apparently high enough to hit the dwarf, so guess what happened?

So.....I try to explain to him that I wouldn't've taken the shot them. And he seems to think that I'm trying to weasel out of hitting the dwarf....which I'm not. Here's the reasoning going on here..... This character is jovial, friendly, and nonviolent. He'll shoot obvious monsters to help his friends out, but he hasn't even taught his animal companion (a wolf) to attack, just to guard. I figure that, to this character's mind, shooting with a miss chance is acceptable. After all, it's just an arrow, right? Shooting when it may possibly hit a friend? Not fucking acceptable. I mean, he just would not do it. But, the DM's position is that the die has already been rolled, and the effect declared. Which....is utter bullshit. He said cover after I had rolled the d20, and even before he announced what had happened I had figured that it was a miss chance. It should have been obvious that the roll was not made with the thought that I could possibly hit an ally.

In short, I hate it when idiot/asshole DMs make a character do something because a player did not know what was going on. Especially when it is my character. It is not necessarily obvious, to me, what the rules for cover and concealment are, because I have never played an archer before. It should be pretty damn obvious to my character, because he knows how to shoot a fucking bow.

In closing, rah.

Most of Monday was uneventful......spent it at Greg's house, playing games and listening to him bitch and sound satisfied by various turns at what was going on in WoW. He has spent most of Christmas break doing shit in Alterac Valley, which pisses me off. You're home, for the first time in damn near five months, close to friends and family, and what the fuck do you do? Spend all day on WoW. The man's my best friend, and I've only been able to do stuff with him twice over the break that did not involve me sitting there and watching him play, or sitting nearby and listening to him play. I mean, when he goes to living a good four hours away, then sure, he can work on his damn PvP gear. But since he's currently living about twenty minutes away, it does kind of make me angry.

Okay, last little bit..... so, it's Christmas Day, right? Yay and all that stuff......right?

Why....the fuck....do people ask me what I want to get if they will ignore my requests? When my parents asked me what I wanted, I told them either Firefly of House DvD's, or stuff to work on the chainmail with, like polish or a soldering iron.

I got.... three coils of wire, some socks and underwear, and a extremely gaudy and oversized helmet, that is nowhere near being usable, at all.

I know, I know....tis the season to be giving, right? Don't worry about what you get, and just be thankful, right? But it's easier to be thankful about your gives when the person who is giving them put the slightest amount of thought into them.

Okay, so, wire. I can use this to work on my chainmail. But, it is the only component that I can afford to buy by myself, and I don't even use it that often! They've got me enough to last a good month and a half, and I just will not be able to use it faster than I could have gotten it on my own. I do not need more wire. I have no way to polish the stuff, to keep it from getting dirty and rusting, and I have no way to weld or solder the rings shut. I wouldn't be complaining about this, because maybe they just couldn't spare the money for a machine to help polish it or a soldering iron, but then there's the fucking helmet.

They said that they got it because I liked medieval stuff, and that I could display it......which is all fine and well, but I like stuff that I can use. Or make. This goddamned helmet...... If I actually put it on, the cap covers my eyes. Even if I could pad the inside and top like an actual helmet, the eye holes are so wide that they could show my fucking ears. It's ludicrously gigantic. I have never met, or even seen, a person with a head large enough to actually use that piece of scrap metal. It would look cool enough if it weren't so retarded. And it doesn't match my chainmail at all! I mean, if you want to get me some form of headgear, get me a coif for Christ's sake. And, I've been trying to learn how to smith my own helmet! If I say "Hey, I've been planning to make one of these", you don't go out and buy one for me. Maybe you buy me the materials and a guide, but you do not buy the finished motherfucking project.

I'm trying to be thankful....I really am. I mean, hell, the socks I can actually use. The wire I can use. I just wish that, if they were going to insist on spending money on me, they would get me something that I needed. Something that I cannot get for myself, because enough of this stuff I can buy for myself. Gift-giving is supposed to be about finding something special for the other person. Yes, you're supposed to be thankful for the gifts, but then again the person giving the gifts should care enough about you to get you something that you'll actually enjoy or use. I'm not that hard to buy gifts for! If someone asks me, I will tell them exactly what I would like. And I'll be genuinely thankful when I get it! But dear lord, don't ask me what I want if you're going to ignore my requests. At least then I can pretend that you meant well. 


Sorry for neglecting you LiveJournal! I'll post a proper update....ummm.....soon. Saturday-ish.

The MAC closes on the 24th, and it won't re-open until January! So sad........


The title of this particular entry says it all. There were only twenty-five questions, and the instructor let us use our review sheets and handed review sheets out to those who did not have them (me and a few others).

What boggled my mind was the fact that apparently like half the class did really poorly. I mean......the questions were either dead give-aways or "Did you listen to the lecture at all?"

"What type of fish was the ancestor of modern man?" The three types of fish on that section of the review sheet were Sharks, Lobe-Fin Fish, and Armored fish. Let's see......do we have shells? No. Do we have rows and rows of teeth? No. But, we do have multiple appendages. I think I'll pick Lobe-Fin Fish. Ding ding ding!

"True or False. If you had a time machine and went back to the early Mesozoic era, you would need a sweater when you stepped outside" Let's see.....Mesozoic.....Climate.....first thing is Early Triassic Super Hot House, second and only item on the list is Jurassic and Cretaceous Hot House.....uhh.....let's go with False.

"Of the five types of dinosaurs (horned, duck-billed, long necks, meat eaters, and armored), what kind was a triceratops." We had a girl who, literally, had to ask him what type of dinosaur a triceratops was. Put a gun to my head and paint the wall with my brains.

So, long story short, I missed all of two questions out of the twenty-five. The two I missed were "What is the name for blue-green algae" and "What were the first animals to invade the air." The first one I missed because I said Stromatolites, which is the name of the mounds that blue-green algae creates. Their actual name is cyanobacteria. My justification for this is that he maybe said cyanobacteria twice during the many, many times he talked about blue-green algae, and he said stromatolites all the goddamned time. On the second question that I missed I put arthropods, which is technically true, as the answer was insects. However, he said the answer was too vague, as something like a lobster or an anamalocarus is also an arthropod, which I can understand. I still think he should have given me at least half-credit for it, but the test was already pathetically easy, so I'm not going to split hairs over this.

 That's (probably) all for today folks. Off to work out and then hang out with Greg.