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6 February 1987
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Well, for starters, my name is Sylvan (Not really, it's a nickname, but, when you're out in the woods and a butterfly lands on you for like, the 16th time in the same month, your friends have to start calling you something, right?), and I'm currently a college student in Texas. I'm studying History and Philosophy and would like to eventually teach a college level graduate course concerning the Philosophy of Ethics, but studied in a historical context. As in, looking at the past, and specific turning points in our history, and considering why exactly things have turned out they way they have, and what criteria we use to determine "ethical behavior, as well as considering how we ourselves can lead ethical lives. I'm interested in a diverse range of subjects, and have taken courses such as programming in C++, Fencing, Ballroom Dancing, Yoga, Beginning Sociology, Human Sexuality, and Earth History(geologically speaking) in addition to my normal courses.

All knowledge is worth having. Sometimes knowledge is not worth acquiring, but, I truly believe that knowledge is always worth possessing once we have it. Maybe that's contradictory. Maybe you can kiss my ass.

As for things that I like........ (The Interests box just doesn't do it for me, with it's stupid character/word limit)

Really, it would be shorter to list things I'm *not* into. But, since people don't usually think about things that way......

I fence (I've tried saber, epee, and foil, at various times. I dance (waltz, tango, foxtrot, and cha-cha, but always interested in learning more. I read (anything. No, literally. I devour books. They are my sole form of sustenance. I fanatically read through online stories. I relish webcomics with inhuman zeal. I will eventually run out of steadily more pompous ways to say that I like to read, and thus will stop now). I make chainmail, LARP, play D&D, and go to Renaissance festivals. I can stand watching sports, but I'd much rather be playing them. I mean....I already do so much that I don't really feel right standing by and watching someone else's glory days. I exercise (cardio and free weights). I enjoy driving, especially when there is really good music to drive to. I....

You know what? Fuck it. I love, and am in love with, life with all of it's various quirks and forms. Bring it on. I bet you I'll enjoy it, or at the very least tolerate it.